16-pocket panel Vertical Planter PlantaUp

Technical specification:

  • Size: Width 79 cm x Height 61 cm x Depth of the folded panel 3 cm (approximately 10 cm after installation)
  • Weight: 2 kg (approximately 12 kg with plants)
  • Includes: Rooting fabric, drip emitter set, mounting screws
  • Features 16 plant pockets
  • Felt color: Gray, Black
  • Plants not included

This is a safe, durable, and environmentally friendly product.

What distinguishes Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels?

Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels are resistant to moths, mold, and do not produce unpleasant odors. They also do not contain allergenic factors, irritants, or carcinogens.

The mounting plate of the panel is made from highly durable plastic. The panel stands out due to its low weight and high durability. It is also water and chemical-resistant. Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels are entirely made from recycled materials, making plant walls even more natural and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the stable, soft, and nearly indestructible material provides an optimal environment for a vertical garden.

The greatest advantages of Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels are their durability and their ability to create a suitable environment conducive to plant growth.

Vertical gardens constructed using our materials are designed in such a way that:

  • Plants can breathe and thrive for many years.
  • Roots always have ample space.
  • Plants are never overwatered, eliminating the risk of rot.