Welcome to the world of vertical gardens. We are specialists in both the installation of green walls and the sale of ready-made kits, for you to build your very own vertical garden. Explore each type of vertical garden.

Indoor vertical gardens

Indoor green walls allow you to stay connected with nature without even leaving your home. We offer a variety of different types of walls from free-standing units to closed-loop systems. Just choose the right system to meet your needs.  

Vertical gardens with irrigation tank

Modual green walls take all the difficulty of installation away. All you need is a 230V socket. Simple! 

Outdoor vertical gardens

Outdoor green walls can be attached directly to buildings or be freestanding. By filling unused spaces with greenery you can bring nature back into an urban setting. 

Modular vertical gardens

A modular green wall makes it possible for you to have greenery anywhere in your home. With a watering tank, a closed water circuit, and only the need for a 230V socket, it offers incredible versatility and convenience.

Vertical garden servicing

Just like humans, from time to time vertical gardens need a little TLC. Servicing your garden is a very important task and helps your wall to look its best. Find out more about our expert servicing offer and how we can help your garden to stay looking its best.  


Your vertical garden can support a variety of plant species. Learn everything you need to know to help you make the right choice for your wall. 

We present ready-made kits for assembling a vertical garden along with instructions. We enable the purchase of a complete set for DIY installation. We offer standard kits for assembling a vertical garden, as well as those customized to specific dimensions. Familiarize yourself with Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels and build your own vertical garden.

Ready-made kits - Do it yourself...

Vertical garden installation made easy. Find out more about our DIY kits and install your very own green wall. 

Instructions and expert knowledge

Are you wondering where to start when designing your vertical garden? Or maybe you’re not sure how to choose the lighting or how often to water the green wall. Here, we explain all you need to know.


Do you want to learn more about vertical gardens? We offer training sessions where you will learn the basics of how to build your own green wall and much more!

12-pocket panel

Meet the 12-pocket Vertical Planter PlantaUp panel, made entirely from recycled materials.

16-pocket panel

Learn more about the 16-pocket Vertical Planter PlantaUp panel. Discover the great possibilities of filling your space with plants. 


Welcome to our online store. You can find, among other things, complete sets for building your own vertical garden by yourself.

Why designers choose our walls

Natalia Teixeira is an interior designer. She incorporates green walls into the interiors of her clients. When it was time for her to design her own home a vertical garden was an obvious choice. Find out why Natalia finds vertical gardens the perfect centrepiece for any home in this film.

Outdoor vertical garden in Radomsko

Our company is the manufacturer of Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels, which were used to create the green wall in Radomsko. This large outdoor vertical garden is home to many plants. Thanks to the use of Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels for the vertical garden, the greenery can thrive freely for many years.

Vertical garden in Kamionka

When the Mayor of Kamionka needed a way to regreen a disused space in her town, she thought an outdoor vertical garden would be the perfect solution. Bringing the community together to help with its solution, the wall has proved to be a huge success for both young and old. 

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