Vertical gardens with in-build water tanks


Having a green wall with a water tank removes the need for a direct connection to the building’s plumbing and drainage systems. All you need is a 230V power connection. 

Installing a vertical garden with a water tank is simple. The water tank is installed beneath the garden. Then, inside the tank or next to it, a pump is connected to periodically water the garden. The entire system operates in a closed loop. This type of green wall requires very careful maintenance to ensure it looks its best. 

Natalia Teixeira, interior designer and proud owner of one of our vertical gardens with a tank, shares her thoughts on her wall. 

Natalia talks about why she decided to have a green wall in her home and provides an insight into the care needed to help her wall look its best.

What do you need for a vertical garden with a water tank?

  1. A 230V power outlet, for the irrigation pump.
  2. Lighting – to illuminate the wall.

1. Electrical connection – a 230V power outlet for the irrigation pump.

To ensure your wall can function, it is essential to have a 230V connection to power the water pump. It is best to have the sockets as close as possible to where you would like the wall to be installed.

The pump will then be positioned in the water tank, below the vertical garden. 

2. Lighting

A minimum of 800 lux per square metre is recommended for our vertical gardens. LED lights used for illuminating live plants should contain the appropriate spectrum to support the photosynthesis of the plants. We advise that lamps with a colour temperature of 4000 K – 6500 K and a colour Rendering Index (Ra) of no less than 90 are used to illuminate a living wall.

We usually recommend that lighting be positioned at a distance of approximately 120-170 centimetres from the vertical garden.

For ease, we also suggest connecting the lights to a timer. This ensures that your plants always receive enough light, even when you are away.

We recommend that gardens with a water tank are illuminated for 3 to 18 hours per day. Of course, this varies depending on environmental conditions and the time of the year.

More information on vertical garden lighting can be found in the “Instructions – Lighting for the Vertical Garden” section.

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