Types of vertical gardens

Green walls are a perfect centrepiece which can be installed almost everywhere. Over our years in the industry, we have developed our walls to ensure you have a variety of tried and tested installation options to suit your needs.  

Typy ogrodów wertykalnych

Indoor vertical gardens

Indoor vertical gardens are designed to fit a variety of needs. They can be modual- completely free-standing with a water tank, or connected to the building plumbing system. 

Just choose the model which suits your needs the best. 

Pictured, is a vertical garden with a direct connection to the building. 

This model, once installed, is often said to be the most convenient. As, on a day-to-day basis, it is completely self-sufficient. All it needs is the occasional servicing. 

The ease is all made possible by the wall being connected to an automatic watering system, with any excess water being drained into the building’s plumbing system. 

For a closed system vertical garden, you need:

  1. Installation of a drainage system.
  2. Connection to the water supply.
  3. Location for the control panel.
  4. Installation lighting.

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Get in contact to find out the best option for your vertical garden or buy one of our self-assembly kits. 

Vertical gardens with a water tank

Vertical gardens with water tanks are the perfect solution for locations where it isn’t possible to connect your wall directly to the building’s drainage connection.

To install this type of wall the only thing required is a power connection (230V socket). This will power the water pump and lights. 

So how does it work?

Below where the plants will grow on your wall, a water tank is installed. The tank contains a pump which, is programmed to water your wall at a time most convenient for you. Any excess water is then drained back into the tank. All you need to do is ensure the tank is filled with water. 

For a vertical garden with a water tank, you need:

  • A 230V socket
  • Lighting

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Outdoor vertical gardens

Outdoor vertical gardens bring colour and life to otherwise difficult outdoor spaces.

The walls use a water connection to water the plans with excess water being drained away into the ground or sewage system, depending on the wall’s location. The water of the wall is controlled by a timer allowing the wall to be autonomous. All it needs is regular servicing to help it look its best.

For an external vertical garden, you need:

  • A water connection
  • Drainage connection (if necessary)
  • A location for the control system in a warm place


The survival of plants on external green walls is climate dependant. When the climate is more moderate there is higher survival rate of plants. 

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Get in contact to find out the best option for your vertical garden or buy one of our self-assembly kits.

Modular vertical gardens

A modular vertical garden is a self-contained wall which can be placed virtually anywhere! All you need is a power connection close to where you want to place your wall. 

Each vertical garden contains a water tank and pump placed below the plants which is set to water the wall at a convenient time for you. It operates on a closed-loop system – meaning any water not used by the plants is recycled back into the water tank to be used.

For a modular garden, you need:

  • A power source (230V socket)
  • Lighting

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