Mobile vertical gardens

Mobile vertical gardens are ideal for places where it is not possible to install a vertical garden directly onto the wall or where is not possible to connect the garden to the building’s drainage. They are an independent unit. All they need is a power connection. 

Our mobile walls operate similarly to our walls with incorporated irrigation tanks. Beneath the garden, there is a water tank with a pump. It is activated at scheduled times and pumps water onto the wall, helping to ensure your wall is always watered, even when you are away. The irrigation system is operated by a controller which requires a plug. For this reason, recommend you plan to install your mobile wall near a power socket. 

A mobile green wall is easy to plant, easy to maintain and  easy to install. Once planted, you can rearrange it to a different plant pattern within minutes. It improves the indoor microclimate, positively influencing well-being. It’s also a way to maintain daily contact with nature, even without leaving the house.


Mobile green walls are available to order in any size. However, in most cases, they do not exceed 160 cm in width and 250 cm in height. This is primarily due to the weight and stability of the finished unit. They are available in all colors from the RAL color palette.

What should be done when building a mobile vertical garden with a water tank?

  1. 230V socket for powering the pump, or lighting if necessary.
  2. Lighting suitable for illuminating plants.

1. Electrical connection – 230V socket for powering the pump, or lighting if necessary.

To power the electric pump, a 230V electrical socket is needed. The electric pump is used for watering the mobile vertical garden and is located in a tank below the garden. Therefore, it is best to install an electrical socket as close as possible to the green wall. If a vertical garden with lighting is being installed as a single unit, it is best to install a double 230V socket. One will be used for connecting the garden watering pump, and the other for the green wall lighting.

2. Lighting

The minimum amount of light directed at the green wall should be at least 800 lux per square meter of the vertical garden. LED lighting used to illuminate the plants should have the appropriate spectrum to support photosynthesis. Lamps with a color temperature of 4000 K – 6500 K and a Color Rendering Index (Ra) of at least 90 are generally sufficient for illuminating the living wall.

Most often, the lighting is positioned at a distance of about 120-170 centimeters from the vertical garden.

It is recommended to connect the lighting to a timer switch. This prevents a situation where the plants do not receive sufficient light.

The garden should be illuminated for 3 to 18 hours per day, depending on the environmental conditions and the season. You can find more information about vertical garden lighting in the “Instructions – Vertical Garden Lighting” section.

The lighting used for illuminating mobile green walls can be installed on their structure. The pictures below show such solutions.

The implementations of mobile vertical gardens can be found in our vertical garden gallery. More interesting information is also available on our Facebook portal – vertical gardens. Additionally, if you are interested in installing such a vertical garden, we invite you to fill out the contact form below.