Instructions and useful information

How to plan a vertical garden

Trying to plan a green wall from scratch can be a headache. We have a solution for that. In a few steps, you will learn how to create your own vertical garden.

How does a green wall change over time

How does a vertical garden change over time?

Live plants in the vertical garden grow, creating dense greenery on the wall. See how the green wall continuously evolves.

Vertical garden with frames or without frames?

There is a possibility to create two types of vertical gardens. Those with framed green walls and those without frames. Learn about and see the differences between them.


Illuminating a vertical garden is very important. Here, you will find information about what color and amount of light is suitable for plants.


Watering a green wall is the key to maintaining beautiful and healthy plants. Here, you will learn more about watering methods and factors affecting the amount of water plants need.

Cross-sections of vertical gardens

When building a vertical garden, it’s important to know every detail. Here, you will find cross-sections of vertical gardens with an open water circuit – connected to the drainage system.

Technical specification of panels

When building a vertical garden, it’s important to know all the details about the panels mounted on the wall. Here is the complete technical specification of the panels for the green wall.

Possible problems

The installation of a green wall can raise doubts and sometimes cause minor problems. Here, you will learn how to solve the most common issues that arise during the construction of a vertical garden.

Questions and answers

Questions arise when building your own vertical garden. We have created a database of questions and answers about green walls. You can find it here.


If you want to learn more, including information about fertilizing a vertical garden and the soil used in it, read the tips for installing green walls.

There are short instructional videos about garden installation on our YouTube channel “Vertical Gardens.” We encourage you to watch them. If you have any questions after reading the instructions, please use the contact tab.