How to plan a vertical garden

The fundamental question that probably comes to mind when wanting to create your own vertical garden is: “But how do I plan it?” We want to make this journey easier and will present step by step how to plan your green wall.

Step-by-step vertical garden planning:

  1. Choose your type of vertical garden.
  2. Plan the dimensions of your vertical garden.
  3. Consider if it’s possible to hang the vertical garden on your wall.
  4. Select the plants.
  5. Plan the lighting for the vertical garden.
  6. Design a control area.

1. Choose your type of vertical garden

Determine what type of vertical garden you want to build. You can find assistance on the “Types of Vertical Gardens” page.

2. Plan the dimensions of your vertical garden

Measure the wall where the vertical garden is to be created. Plan the garden on it by determining its height and width. Vertical Planter panels do not limit you in planning dimensions. You can cut them to size as needed or order them custom-made.

3.Consider if it’s possible to hang the vertical garden on your wall

Check the material of the wall where the vertical garden is to hang. The weight of 1 m2 of a vertical garden is approximately 25 kg/m2 after watering the plants. Consider how you want to hang the panels for the vertical garden. If you have chosen a green wall with an open water circuit, check the possibility of supplying and draining water. Details on this can be found in the “drainage” section for the selected type of indoor green wall. If the wall is not suitable for mounting a vertical garden, think about constructing a mobile living wall. If there is an issue with water drainage, you can use a closed circuit, as used in vertical gardens with a watering reservoir.

4. Choose plants

Decide on the plants you will use to compose your green wall. You can find all available plants, as well as information and environmental requirements about them on the page about plants for vertical gardens.

5. Plan the lighting for the vertical garden

If there is not enough natural light in the planned space, we should plan additional lighting to support the photosynthesis of plants. Most often, the fixtures are positioned between 100 and 200 cm away from the vertical garden. For illuminating the green wall, we should use white light as close as possible to daylight. When choosing lighting (the number of fixtures and the type of light used), we encourage you to consult with a specialist, as the lighting should be tailored to the conditions in the room. You can find more about lighting in the “Green Wall Lighting” section.

6. Design a control area


In the immediate vicinity of the vertical garden, we should plan the location of the control system for the vertical garden. This typically includes an electric valve and a water controller. The control box doesn’t have to be in the same room as the vertical garden; it can be hung in another room, such as a bathroom or kitchen. The size of the control system depends on the size of the wall.

The standard size is usually: width 44 cm x depth 22 cm x height 40 cm. For smaller installations, the control system can even fit in a small cabinet (height 20 cm, width 30 cm, depth 15 cm).

Water should be brought to the location where the control system for the green wall will be mounted. The connection should be terminated with a valve, for example, 1/2′ male thread. Then, leave a gap of approximately 30-40 cm in width. This will be the point of connection for your electric valve. Only from this point, you make the connection behind the green wall. You can also start the connection with a 1/2′ male thread.

Remember to install an electrical socket in the location designated for the control system to power the controller.

When planning the location for the control system, it is advisable to contact the contractor to confirm the box’s size, choose the location, and finalize the connections, among other details.

This is how you plan your own vertical garden step by step. We hope you’ve succeeded. If you wish to build a green wall, there is an option to have it done by our company (please contact us through the contact form) or do it yourself. All complete sets and parts for creating a vertical garden on your own can be found in our online store, “Vertical Gardens.