Technical specifications of the panels

In this section, you can find technical specifications for the most commonly used sizes of vertical garden panels. These panels are the Vertical Planter PlantaUp and Florafelt. Upon customer request, it is possible to prepare panels of any size. This allows for the precise planning of a green wall that fits a specific interior. Such a vertical garden can be customized with an accuracy of up to one centimeter. We also showcase them in our online store, Vertical Gardens.

In our offer, you will find several diverse panels. They are primarily distinguished by their size. Thanks to multiple sizes, it is possible to find the right panel for a specific location. We approach the topic flexibly and are open to changes.

Vertical Planter PlantaUp 4-Pocket Panel

Vertical Planter PlantaUp 12-Pocket Panel

Vertical Planter PlantaUp 16-Pocket Panel

Florafelt is a vertical garden panel system produced in the USA. They are 100% made from recycled plastic water bottles. Ready-made pockets are sewn onto a lightweight, waterproof plastic board. Water moves only through the fabric. With Florafelt panels, you can easily and quickly create a vertical garden. A floral wall based on such a structure is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.