Vertical garden with or without frames

Frames are not necessary for the proper functioning of a vertical garden. They serve a decorative function only. It’s worth considering whether you intend to enclose the garden with materials like wood or panels. If you do, frames won’t serve their purpose, and you can opt to omit them. However, if the vertical garden is not intended for enclosure, you can consider installing frames. There are interiors in which frames enhance the overall appearance of the garden and the space. The frames and gutter are made of stainless steel and can be painted in any color. This often helps the living wall blend in better with its surroundings. Nevertheless, there are interiors in which simply covering the sides with felt material is sufficient. This is a more economical solution and often doesn’t affect the overall visual perception of the garden. In most cases, the sides of the flower wall become overgrown with plants in about 3 months.

Below, we present what a green wall looks like without frames and with frames.

Vertical garden without frames

Vertical garden with frames

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