Do I need to change the soil in the pockets?

We do not recommend changing the soil. Over time, the system operates like a hydroponic system. However, if you use organic fertilizers, you can maintain active soil biology.

What is the best way to plant a vertical garden?

You can use plants from pots of various sizes to plant a vertical garden. When using larger plants, you will need to remove more soil. However, it is best to use plants from pots with a 12 cm diameter. They grow quickly, and smaller plant materials adapt better. Watch our video, prepare the plants for the green wall, and then plant them in the vertical garden.

How can I fertilize the vertical garden?

Manual dosing of fertilizer dissolved in water using a sprayer is a great way to fertilize. You can also use slow-release tablets or spikes. It’s best to install them in the upper parts of the garden (only in the top pockets) just below the emitters.

The best way to dose fertilizers is to use a fertilizer dispenser, which will deliver the nutrients directly to the plants along with water.

What is the best type of fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers sustain microbiology and prevent the accumulation of chemical fertilizer salts, which can be harmful to plants. We recommend fertilizers with a high NPK content.