As an experienced and collaborative company, we organize training sessions where we share knowledge about vertical gardens. If you’re interested in interior design, plant life, and aspire to become a vertical garden installer, then this training is just for you. After completing it, you will be capable of creating a green wall on your own!

Training sessions are conducted after prior arrangement. To sign up for a training, we invite you to contact us through an email message. The training sessions take the form of online meetings. Participants in the training will receive a certificate, a panel for creating green walls, and an additional discount on the purchase of our materials.

The training should be reserved for a minimum of 6 hours, during which the participant will learn the basics for independent work in the following areas:

  1. Principles of vertical garden design
  2. Techniques for creating green walls
  3. Selection of plants for vertical gardens
  4. Maintenance of living walls
  5. Pricing for walls with plants