Our vision

We believe that nature should be accessible to all. 
By delivering our high-quality vertical gardens to businesses, homes and urban areas we believe this is possible.
We aspire to be known worldwide for our innovative products and unique business outlook.
We aim to do this by creating a network of like-minded companies to deliver our products worldwide 


Our Journey


Patrick Blanc visits Poland. A meeting between Jacek and Patrick paved the way for an innovative business idea – Vertical gardens.

Vertical gardens were an entirely new concept in Poland at this time. Little was known about how these walls worked. Jacek began looking for opportunities to work with companies abroad.

When visiting the United States, Jacek spent time Florafelt learning about their system for creating living walls.

He returned to Poland and began, with his friend Janek to apply his new found knowledge. 


The business begins to grow. Architects, private individuals and businesses all see the potential of vertical gardens. 

Long-lasting relationships are built, and quite quickly, the success of Jacek’s new business concept can be seen.



An innovation in vertical garden construction – the Vertical Planter panel. Our new panel system for creating vertical gardens was launched. We were now able to both build walls and sell panels to others.



Research. Working with scientists from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the University of Life Sciences, Lublin, we begin researching the benefits of outdoor vertical gardens. Our green test wall is built on the southern facade of the horticulture department of Lublin University.



A new home. Our new office has 250 m² of outdoor green walls giving us the perfect location to test the suitability of new plant species for outdoor walls. Thanks to European Union support, we also able to purchase professional plant testing equipment. In the same year, our new website, badanieroslin.pl, was launched




It’s time to share what we’ve learnt. More and more people ask us for help with their gardens. So, of course, we are happy to share our knowledge. Courses are designed to teach others about vertical garden design. The result? The creation of an ever-growing network of colleges eager to promote our values and products. 



Moss. Cooperation with the Japanese company Green’s Green showed us that vertical gardens are not only made of plants.

Through an exchange of ideas and lessons in the art of moss cultivation from our new Japanese friends, we began the cultivation of mosses. 



Six species of mosses are successfully cultivated. In the same year, our first vertical garden was made of live GOKE moss is installed.

Our website themossfarm.com promotes the idea of bringing living moss into your home.



Moss research. After our first few moss walls proved to be a success, we decided to investigate the benefits to health bryophytes can bring to human health.

Keep tuned to find out what we will discover…