If you are interested in making your own vertical garden, we encourage you to read the Instructions tab and contact one of our representatives or us. 

We offer:

  • vertical garden panels
  • complete kits 
  • individual components for walls
  • courses on vertical garden installation and care

Our products are for professionals and those with little gardening and construction experience.

To help us provide custom-made kits, we ask that you send us the dimensions of the wall you will make to allow us to ensure the materials we send are sufficient for your wall.

When purchasing elements to create a vertical garden, we provide assistance. If you have any questions, we always provide professional help regarding both the construction of a living wall and plants used in vertical gardens. We also conduct trainings on the construction of green walls for our representatives. Certainly, they will also be happy to help you with the implementation.

Our standard panels come in two sizes: 

Vertical Planter panel 79 cm x 61 cm with 12 pockets
Vertical Planter panel 79 cm x 61 cm with 16 pockets

They have been designed to fit the most common sizes of walls. However, can be easily cut to fit other sizes. The panels can be used on both internal and external walls, fences and other supports.

Vertical Planter panels can also be ordered to a specific size.

The panels can be framed in different materials (stainless steel, wood, etc.) or with felt material.

The instructions and videos on our website guide you through vertical garden construction. For further details, on wall construction, we recommend attending one of our courses. 

To purchase panels please visit our shop, or email for more details. 

Please follow the link below to see some examples of walls created by our clients using our Vertical Panter system.