Inside natural light

Natural bright light from windows is ideal for tropical plants.

However, getting the right balance with natural light may prove difficult. In summer, the light may become too bright and cause decolouration to the leaves, whilst in winter, the light may not be strong enough for plants to continue to grow.


Internal LED lighting

Without large windows, the existing lighting in a room does not provide enough light for plants to thrive. Additional lighting is needed.


As any additional lighting is put in place to compensate for the lack of sun, it should be no less than 800 lux per m2 of the vertical garden.

The LED lighting used to illuminate plants should contain an appropriate spectrum supporting the plant’s photosynthesis process.

The  lamps should have:

  • colour of 4000 K
  • minimum Ra of 90
  • luminous flux of about 4000 lumens

Each meter of the width of the green wall (at the height of about 300 cm) should be sufficiently illuminated. For this to happen, the lights should be installed 120 – 170 cm from the green wall.


Of course, it’s best to contact a lighting company for consultation on your project. Companies will be happy to help you choose the correct number of lamps and plan the optimal layout.

We recommend that the lighting be connected to a timer. This will prevent your plants from getting too much light.

Your wall is illuminated between  6- 12 hours a day, depending on its location.