Mobile green walls

If it isn’t possible to install a wall with mains water or drainage, a mobile green wall may be the perfect solution. As portable green walls contain a water tank, they can be installed without requiring a direct water connection and are self-contained units. This means they can be installed almost anywhere.

Within the construction is a water reservoir, and at scheduled times, the pump turns on and pumps water to the wall. Water circulates in a closed circuit and, after watering the plants, returns to the tank. A small control (10 cm x 10 cm) regulates the watering and needs only to be plugged into the main supply to allow the wall to work.

The mobile green walls are straightforward to use. They can be quickly filled with plants and changed depending on the season or wants of an individual. As with all green walls, the microclimate in the room is improved. Another solution way to bring nature to you. 

Mobile green walls are available on request in any size. Most of the walls, however, do not exceed 160 cm in width and 250 cm in height. This is dictated in particular by the weight and stability of the finished product. All colours from the RAL colour palette are available.

When filled with plants, our mobile walls become ecological pieces of furniture, creating a microclimate which has proven beneficial effects for human health. 

It is possible to order additional lighting mounted directly on the frame of the green wall.

You can find out more about mobile gardens in the instructions tab