Vertical gardening is a way of growing plants vertically indoors and outdoors. A green wall can be assembled using various systems utilizing different elements. One way of installation is to mount a vertical garden using the Vertical Planter PlantaUp panel. This product is characterized by durability and plant- and environmentally-friendliness. A vertical garden created in such a system gains the ability to develop for many years. Plants on the green wall thrive freely, and the used Vertical Planter PlantaUp panel, made of felt, allows for automatic watering of the greenery.



Vertical Planter PlantaUp – a close-up panel

Each green wall with living plants is equipped with an automatic watering system. The Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels employ a gravity-based solution for watering. It involves the flow of water from the dropper placed at the top of the tallest panel, through all the plant pockets, down to the collecting gutter at the bottom of the structure. Depending on the type of vertical garden, the water either goes to the drainage system or a tank. During watering, the front of the garden remains dry, and water only flows down the back wall of the panels. Such solutions eliminate the risk of mold formation while ensuring optimal watering of plants on the green wall. Each seedling is wrapped in felt, facilitating plant exchange. The root mass is left with minimal soil, making it easy to maintain cleanliness during the repotting process. A green wall made of Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels is free of dust and harmful substances, benefiting allergy sufferers.



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Green wall with living plants – types of panels used

A sustainable approach to designing vertical gardens is a priority. Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels not only provide excellent conditions for plant growth but are also fully ecological, utilizing recycled materials. It’s a revolutionary idea for an aesthetic, functional, and environmentally safe vertical garden. Apart from custom projects executed according to the client’s wishes, two sizes of Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels are distinguished. The standard 12-pocket panel, which accommodates 24 plants per square meter, and the 16-pocket panel, yielding 33 plants per square meter. Both panels are of the same size; only the number of pockets differs.



Vertical Planter PlantaUp – the vertical garden made of felt

Among the available plastic and metal modules on the market, the Vertical Planter PlantaUp panel stands out for being made of absorbent felt material. The special material, stable yet soft, creates optimal conditions for the growth of every plant in the vertical garden, making the green wall economical and easy to maintain. Thanks to the root fiber, plants in the pockets have ideal growth conditions. The Vertical Planter PlantaUp panel is very lightweight; the entire structure without plants weighs only 3kg. Additionally, it is resistant to moths and rot, and it doesn’t emit unpleasant odors. Free from allergens, irritants, or carcinogenic components, it’s safe for the environment.



Benefits of a green wall with living plants from Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels

A green wall helps regulate air humidity, which is beneficial for health, especially in winter when indoor heating can lead to dry air. It’s well known that plants play a crucial role in improving air quality. Nowadays, with electronic devices surrounding us, emitting harmful organic compounds, green walls with living plants become effective protection against excessive radiation, especially electromagnetic. They help reduce this type of smog, supporting our health in environments where the presence of electrical devices is common.



A vertical garden made of Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels – a step towards less waste

Despite growing social awareness about the necessity of waste segregation, the amount of generated waste continues to increase. To curb this phenomenon, the production process of panels for green walls with living plants like Vertical Planter PlantaUp has been optimized to minimize waste generation. The felt material used to create the panels comes from recycling. A significant portion of mounting elements, such as plant wraps and the panels themselves, are reused. The gravity-based watering system helps save water consumption, and the panel is extremely durable, requiring infrequent replacement and can serve for many years.