Due to our participation in the Suave EuroClusters project, our company created a vertical garden with a remarkable appearance. Suave focuses on urban agriculture, just like us, promoting the introduction of greenery into cities. Vertical gardens are perfect for cultivating various species of plants, including edible ones. To combine pleasure with utility, we created an external vertical garden in the form of a bench, where one can sit and relax surrounded by greenery. It features edible herbs, honey-producing flowering plants, and healthy, delicious gooseberries.



Design and Construction of the External Vertical Garden in the Form of a Bench

Our team began with the careful preparation of the project. As this was the first model of such a green wall, we meticulously selected components to ensure the structure would last many years, regardless of the weather. The first step was to level the ground precisely and install posts to support the entire structure. We prepared a sealed tank from which the green wall would draw water. Our intention was to create a vertical garden that uses rainwater for irrigation. This helps conserve water during droughts, supporting our planet.

Next, we built the framework and installed PlantaUp panels on it. The panels are made of permeable, breathable material. The design of the pockets allows plants to grow freely. The roots can easily grow through the material, enabling the plant to thrive as if it were in soil. This is a very important aspect for the health of the plants and the appearance of the external green wall. We selected the highest quality materials to avoid concerns about replacing the plant setup with new ones.


Vertical garden in the form of a bench during installation


Planting in the External Vertical Garden

When the external vertical garden in the form of a bench was equipped with PlantaUp panels, we started preparing the plants. Students from a local school supported us in this process. Each of them wrapped the plants in fabric wrappers and then placed the prepared seedlings on the green wall. Of course, everything was done under the watchful eye of our instructors. The students had the opportunity to engage in community life, learn how to easily introduce greenery into urban areas, and listened to a lecture on ecology and the need to green cities. After completing the work, the children were able to enjoy the finished vertical garden in the form of a bench.


Edible plants in the green wall in the form of a bench


Green Infrastructure – Summary

This interesting initiative once again demonstrated how versatile a tool a vertical garden can be. External green walls are effective not only in home gardens but also in the hearts of cities. They occupy very little space while accommodating a multitude of plants. They allow the creation of any composition depending on the project’s purpose. Regardless of the plants chosen for the external vertical garden, more bees and other beneficial insects will appear in its surroundings. Green walls have many advantages: they absorb pollutants and reduce noise. Moreover, they provide shade and a pleasant coolness on hot days.


Students by the green wall in the form of a bench