Internal vertical garden build from the floor – sewage system

The most popular type of green wall is the one built from floor to ceiling. Such a living wall requires careful planning to ensure that the plumbing is level with the floor. This means that the top of the drainage outlet must be level with the floor and at the same level as the bottom of the garden.

The picture on the left side shows a general view of a vertical garden structure built from the floor, along with the drainage. Plumbing is typically done using a 32mm or 50mm diameter pipe. In most cases, as the drainage pipe running from the vertical garden, we recommend using one with a 50mm diameter.

The drainage outlet should be placed as close to the center of the planned vertical garden wall as possible. If a situation arises where such placement is not possible, it can be moved to the left or right as needed. However, it is essential to remember that the drainage outlet must not extend beyond the outline of the green wall, nor come closer than 10 centimeters to either edge of the planned garden.

Pay attention to the distance of the drainage pipe from the wall on which the vertical garden is to be built. The garden system will be positioned away from the wall (system depth) at a maximum distance of 7 centimeters. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the drainage outlet is also not protruding more than 7 centimeters from the wall. Otherwise, it may result in the drainage extending beyond the system, making it impossible to connect it to the water collection gutter.

It is necessary to install a trap on the drainage outlet.

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