Internal vertical garden built above the floor with a built-in front – drainage system

Another type of indoor vertical garden is a living wall built above the floor, featuring a front designed for concealment. What’s best, the installation of this kind of garden provides the privilege of placing the drainage in any location within the space between the lower part of the green wall and the floor. This is possible because the front between the floor and the garden will be enclosed and will conceal the drainage pipe connecting the gutter to the outlet.

The image on the left side illustrates a schematic view of how an indoor vertical garden with a concealable front, along with drainage, should be constructed. The drainage outlet must be at or below the lowest part of the green wall (the water collection gutter). In the diagram, the drainage is located in the floor, and all related elements are invisible – the front is concealed.

Similar to the rest of the indoor green walls, in most cases, it is recommended to use a drainage pipe with a diameter of 50 mm.

The drainage pipe should not extend beyond the enclosure of the vertical garden. It is essential to plan for the depth at which the enclosure will be made, and when installing the drainage, ensure it does not go beyond this area.

The positioning of the drainage across the width of the green wall should be as close to the center of the planned garden as possible. However, if this is not feasible, it can be moved to the left or right as needed. If the enclosure is wider than the vertical garden, the drainage can extend beyond the outline of the green wall.

It is important to remember that it is necessary to install a trap on the drainage outlet.

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