Outdoor vertical gardens – our knowledge

Cooperation with the University

From 2015 to 2018, in collaboration with the Department of Landscape Design and Conservation at the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, we conducted research aimed at developing the optimal structure of an “outdoor vertical garden” and selecting materials to support plants in a vertical arrangement. 

The advantages of the developed system are:

  1. Weight – not exceeding 25 kg/m2
  2. Quick and easy installation.
  3. Thermal insulation of building walls.

The survival of plants on external green walls in the Polish climate largely depends on the external conditions during the seasons and the appropriate selection of species.

Causes of adverse changes in the urban environment

The main cause of adverse changes in the urban environment is the elimination of surfaces and materials that retain water and release it into the environment during dry periods through evaporation or transpiration. This applies to the increase in impermeable surfaces, such as sidewalks and roads, and buildings. Rainwater from such areas is directed into the sewer system, resulting in irreversible loss. Additionally, there is a reduction in the area of lawns and the number of trees and shrubs, which, through transpiration, humidify the atmosphere. The transpiration process reduces daily temperature fluctuations and improves thermal comfort in the surroundings. Furthermore, vegetation has the ability to absorb pollutants that settle on the surface of leaves or are absorbed through stomata (gases). However, the ongoing reduction of green areas is associated with an inevitable civilizational process. Hence, the search for innovative solutions that will increase biologically active surfaces in urban spaces. For several decades, green roofs have been promoted as an alternative to traditional forms of greenery in the city. However, these solutions have a partial impact on the overall population of the city, as green roofs are located at heights inaccessible to most street and square users.

The importance of vegetation for humans

Another important aspect of the presence of vegetation in the human environment is its positive impact on mental comfort, the possibility of regeneration, and stress reduction. These benefits can be achieved through visual contact with vegetation. Finally, the aesthetic values provided by the plant composition, on a large scale, add prestige to such a project and can become a part of the investor’s self-promotion. Modern technologies enable the realization of such compositions, giving rise to living walls and vertical gardens.

The results of our research and experience regarding external green walls can be seen in our green wall gallery and on the Pinterest platform – vertical gardens. We also suggest returning to the previous page on external vertical gardens to better understand how they work.