Vertical Gardens 

Systems and Installation Options 


Whether you are interested in creating a small, indoor centrepiece or a magnificent outdoor green wall. We offer the services you need to make the right decision. We provide:


  • Courses, online and in-person. Our courses give you the professional skills needed to create green walls yourself.
  • Made to measure panels and materials.
  • Advice in planning and aftercare of walls made with our products. 

Panel vertical garden systems allow flexibility of planting, supporting a range of plant species. Many of these species can be planted hydroponically, removing the mess associated with other systems in which the plants need soil to survive. Further benefits to adding a vertical garden include:

  • Plants convert CO2 into oxygen and absorb harmful substances, improving air quality.
  • Heating and air conditioning cause the air in a room to dry. Vertical Gardens increase room humidity through plant respiration.
  • The panels act as noise insulation, absorbing excess noise.

The benefits of our vertical planter system

All our panels are made from a light, waterproof HDPE board and recycled fire-resistant felt. 

The standard size of the panel is 7 cm deep and weighs 25 kg per m2. 

Our panels allow:

  • Space for plants to grow.
  • Air circulation.
  • Reduction of soil making them clean and friendly to allergy sufferers.
  • Mould resistant.