A vertical garden, also known as a green wall, is a solution that introduces vegetation onto vertical surfaces, transforming them into living walls filled with plants. In Radomsko, such a garden – an external green wall – was created two years ago. It serves not only as a visual attraction but also as an element of the city’s green infrastructure. This means that it positively impacts the quality of air and the microclimate in the area. The project was realized by the company Fiba. In the garden, we used our PlantaUp panels, which provide optimal growth conditions for plants. The plants can thrive in them for many years. This makes the vertical garden in Radomsko not only aesthetically pleasing but also a prime example of ecological solutions in urban spaces.



Outdoor Vertical Garden

The external green wall is part of green infrastructure that brings many aesthetic and ecological benefits. This architectural solution allows for placing vegetation on building walls, as well as creating standalone structures. The external vertical garden offers numerous advantages. It improves air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. The green wall also acts as natural insulation, reduces noise, and lowers temperatures on warm days, which can contribute to energy savings. The application of an external vertical garden is versatile: it can be installed on residential and office building facades, as well as on freestanding structures in public spaces. Thanks to the use of durable and plant-friendly elements such as PlantaUp panels, the green wall provides space for the life and growth of many plants.


Vertical garden on a wall in Radomsko


Plants in the External Vertical Garden in Radomsko

A vertical garden can accommodate many plants, which is the case with the green wall in Radomsko. Over the two years since the construction, the plants have strengthened and developed – the garden has become lush. The greenery successfully survived the last winter. Many different plant species were planted on the living wall, primarily hostas, heucheras, and geraniums in various varieties. Thanks to the PlantaUp panels, the plants will continue to thrive and create an even more lush vertical garden.

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Green Wall with PlantaUp Panels

PlantaUp panels are the foundation of the external vertical garden in Radomsko. This product is manufactured by our company. We use felt, which has beneficial properties for plants, to create it. The panels consist of a varying number of pockets for plants. The standard PlantaUp panel has 12 pockets, but depending on the construction needs, we can adjust the size and shape of the product. The pockets are characterized by flexibility and spaciousness. This allows the plants planted in the vertical garden to have plenty of room to develop and grow freely within the green wall for many years. The felt from which the panels are made is water-permeable, enabling effective watering of plants throughout the garden.

12-pocket Vertical Planter PlantaUp panel planted with plant

Maintenance of the External Vertical Garden

Caring for the green wall is essential. The time required depends on several factors, including the size of the garden and the plants used in it. The maintenance of the vertical garden in Radomsko is a complex process, but when performed regularly, it does not pose significant problems. The green wall should be maintained with varying frequency, approximately once or twice a week. The maintenance of this garden primarily involves ensuring proper plant watering, fertilizing, and trimming and weeding the plants. The green wall can be maintained by the owner.



Green Infrastructure in the City

Vertical green infrastructure appears to be a very important element of cities. Green walls on building facades can accommodate many plants. This allows for space-saving, even in dense city centers. A good example of this practice is the vertical gardens in Radomsko. In addition to the previously described green wall, a second vertical garden has been created in the city, all within a few dozen meters of each other.